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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The hazards of beta testing (or...why isn't View It working?)

We hope you've been trying out the test version of MNCAT Discovery. So far, we're pleased with the variety of results you see with a keyword search, the facets on the left side (especially the new Include/Exclude functionality: Try clicking More Options under any list of facets and you'll see what we mean!), and the success rate for known item (aka title) searches.

But this is still a test version. Once you've found an item you want, the test version will correctly show you where to find a print copy when you click the Get It tab. But you will have less luck with getting online full text with the View It tab. You will be able to see sources for the item:

However, when you click one of the sources to view the item, you'll most likely see a very unfriendly error message:

While alarming, this error message is simply the result of working in a test version. When the final version is available later this month, you will be able to click a source and see full text, or the image, or the media file described by the item you chose.

If you see behavior you don't like in other areas (or if you love what you're seeing!), please do let us know using the feedback form.

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